Augmented Reality (AR)

With Augmented Reality (AR) technology you can augment digital 3D objects in the real world. All you need is just to hold your phone where you want to see the digital object and tap a single button to place it there! didAR delivers customized web based or native applications for your business. 

didAR helps different businesses to run their AR/VR experiences

What We Do

We help different businesses to run their AR/VR experiences.

These experiences would be designed in didAR tech regarding client needs. Some of these solutions enhance decision making power of customers in their purchases . Some of them enables businesses to gather great customer insights which could never be reached before with traditional methods. At a glance didAR brings a bright future in different industries.

Who We Are

didAR is an AR/VR startup based in Tehran, Iran bringing the innovative immersive solutions for different businesses

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) technology enables you to be at the places you’ve never been before. With a head-mounted headset and a pair of controllers you could experience being at different places in no time! didAR delivers high-fidelity VR experiences for architectural projects.

Tell us about your business and requirements, we will propose you an AR/VR solution